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English School

(0xford University)

Park Tarabya Kindergarten English School Read more..

Photos from my Parktarabya Adventure

Our Kindergarten Adventure Park Tarabya

Pictures from my weekly newsletters

Pictures from my weekly newsletters
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From my psychologist

Dear Mom and Dad, You must first know that and you need to accept that it was time to use the restroom that Read more...

My recycle studio and
my Works

Recycling Workshop Our Photo Gallery..
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My kindergarten in past

Park Tarabya, Tarabya Coming down the slope on the left side immediately catch your eye, chirping, Read more..

Photo Gallery

Park Tarabya From the kindergarten Photos

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Your feedbacks

PARK TARABYA We met in 2009 with his family. Together with my daughter. My daughter started 1st grade this year.
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Our school's founder Dilek Yıldız, appeared on CNN Türk TV Show "Işıltılar" as a guest!