Park Tarabya Kindergarten

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Park Tarabya Kindergartens Values

Which one of us : Can manage to hug the inner child every single day ? Can look to the window with love which opens to his substance… Which one of us can manage to be a happy grown up person and Which one of us, Doesn’t wish that her own child manages this from her bottom of heart. Every child comes to the world with the incredible potential to manage this… One of the differences that distinguish us from the kids is we are grown-ups. Our children are not only on the way of being succesfull grown-ups. They are on the way to accepting life and process it…Growing up without losing your inner child…Learning who they are and the highest potential and the type of explaining it and exploring their position, status in life.. Thats why we are welcome every child into our family with the same excitement as our first day 17 YEARS years ago. For bright and happy futures… We have a sun that posseses the warmth of sharing wiseness as it grows …