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ParkTarabya Mother and Play Group (18 - 30 months) is a 1,5 hour activity, in which kids and moms spend pleasant and qualified time coming together periodically, in which kids get the opportunity to socialize through plays and during this time moms get the chance to evaluate their kids’ improvement with an other point of view.


Children at this age establish relations with the outside world by the use of games and they start to discover primarly through mom- kid relationships. We aim that children and mothers discover & learn through playing groups.


During our workshops, mothers not only get the opportunity to reach the inner world of their child with the help of games, but also get the chance to touch the toughts and feelings of their kids through art and have fun times together. In addition to these moms with different maternity experiences, get the chance to revize their motherhood, their relationships with their child and their attitudes and expectations as parents in these play groups anda re given positive social support.


Considering the weather conditions, we sometimes prefer school yard and sometimes play rooms with different characteristics for various activities. Our play rooms are well equipped regarding temperature, security and width. There are mirrors in our rooms , which support the children’s feeling of self-control.


As our quata is limited ,we want to remind that families, who are interested in our workshops,held once fifteen days on Saturdays,had better book in advance by calling 0212 299 28 56-57.


Mother and Play Groups Daily Program (10:30 – 12:00)


Dance Time:

Let’s witness the brain and body cooperation by leaving ourselves to the rhythm of music that we are sensitive by birth. Let’s improve our gross motor skills and spend our energy at the same time. (15 dk)


Play Time :

Let’s give kids the opportunity of playing in the play corners according to their tendencies and to have the chance to communicate with other kids. (30 dk)


Rhythm Time :

Let’s display together the sense of rhythm , we discovered in our mothers womb, by using simple instruments.In this way, Let’s explore the positive impact of rhythm on digital and emotional intelligence. (15 dk)

Time for Art and Creativity :

Now it’s time for us as art lovers to show our creative sides by using dough, various colors and a variety of materials. Let’s see the World together in a different way, Let’s put our senses into action and experience the pleasure of creating. (20 dk)


Our activities ended up. Now let’s share our thoughts, feelings and experiences. (10 dk)


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