My 2000 Square Metres Kindergarten

Park Tarabya Ailesi Değerleri

My Kindergarten

My school has an 700 square meters indoor area. To avoid accidents its built only on one floor.



My school has floor heating. This means we avoid any accidents were we to have normal heating radiators, and there is no need for allergic inducing carpets.



  • Our classrooms are divided into different age groups and re above standards
  • Our multi purposes classroom
  • Our art studio
  • Our projection and audio room
  • Our Yoga- Zen room
  • Our music and library corridor
  • Our recycling corridor
  • Our sleeping rooms
  • Our dining room
  • Our kitchen


    We have in total 2 bathrooms with a total of 8 toilets and 8 washbasins. My school is made of “stone” and is seated on a rock precipice and is stable against potential earthquakes. Due to the school managements sensitivity to this subject we have reports from The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, İstanbul University and İstanbul Technical University confirming our stability.



    The bottom of the garden is grass, soil, and concrete and is an 1500sq metre area for my friends and I to play in, in the open air.. It has been is designed for our age group, keeping in mind our interests and safety issues. We have also used wood as much as possible to be in harmony with nature.